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. This light is HUGE...great for flagpoles, office buildings and large trees, this giant light can shine as far as 50 feet when fully charged! It's powered by a separate solar panel with a 12 ft. cable to the station where it can be placed to receive the most direct sunlight possible. It is safe to use outdoors and operates on self-charging batteries. Setup is easy...simply screw the poles onto the light unit, the solar panel and the spikes, aim and let charge! The Eagle Light now REMOTE controlled will illuminate tall flagpoles beautifully at night and its housing is made of high-quality aluminum. A lithium batteries is included which will be charged during the day by our newest generation, high power solar collector. 36 high powered LED bulbs will perform for the entire life of the unit. Eagle light will have 800 to 1200 lumens depending on setting.

Product Features

  • Height (assembled): Light unit - 22", Solar panel - 14"
  • Unit size: 8" Diameter x 9" deep
  • Light bulbs: 36 high powered LED bulbs
  • Solar Panel size: 14"x 7"
  • Stake/pole: 9.50" long
  • 3 prong spikes go about 6" deep
  • Power mode selections: High, Low or Off

Charging Your Solar Spotlight

When you receive your Solar Powered Light it will NOT be fully charged. The amount of DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light receives will dictate how bright the light will be, and how long the light stays on at night. The more DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light receives, the better it performs. There are 2 ways to charge your Solar Powered Light:

  1. Turn the on/off switch to the ON position, set up the light. After several SUNNY days of DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light will perform.
  2. Make sure the on/off switch is at the OFF position, set up the light. Keep the light off for 3 nights to let your Solar Light be fully charged during those 3 days (the light gets charged with the switch at ON or OFF position). Turn the on/off switch to the ON position after it has been fully charged and leave it there.

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