Frequently asked questions


How does the flagpole work?

After you’ve installed your Telescoping Flagpole, you will find that it very easy to use. Start by raising the smallest section first. When you match the arrow to the hole, the button will click into place. Then raise the next sections. To lower the flagpole, simply press the "release" button down, and let your flagpole slide slowly through your hands.

How do I fly my flag at half-mast?

Lower the flagpole down (and remove the bottom flag if you are flying two flags). Then, fasten the top grommet of the USA flag to the Double Ring Harness (instead of the top swivel ring) and the bottom grommet of the flag to the bottom (large) swivel ring. Then raise the flagpole back up, and the flag will fly at half-staff.

I am getting squirted with water when I lower the flagpole!

If water is squirting out of the pin hole when you lower the flagpole down, then you have a drainage issue. Lower the flagpole down, pull it up out of the ground sleeve, and look down in the ground sleeve to ensure proper drainage. If you recall installing the flagpole, you will remember there is crushed rock/gravel down under the installation sleeve so that the water is pulled away from the Flagpole after heavy rains. Take a small pipe/rebar/broom handle, and pound down in the ground sleeve to make sure that nothing is preventing water from draining away from the Flagpole. (You could even use a shop-vac and clean out the installation sleeve.)
Proper drainage is especially important if you are in a climate that freezes. If you have water in the pole or ground sleeve, it can turn to ice, and can expand and shift some of the internal parts.

I’m in a freezing climate. Should I keep my flagpole up or down in the winter?

If you are in a climate that freezes, either keep the flagpole extended in the full upright position OR take it in for the winter. Do not keep the flagpole sitting down in the installation sleeve in the lowered position. Make sure to check your installation sleeve for proper drainage before frost hits. Sometime in the fall, pull the flagpole up out of the sleeve and make sure the sleeve is dry. If you wish to lower the flagpole in the winter, lower it all the way down, pull it up out of the sleeve, and store inside for the winter. This will prevent any ice damage that may occur if the sleeve is not draining properly.

My solar light seems to be going dim.

Recharge your battery by ensuring your light switch is in the “on” position in the morning, and shut it “off” at dusk. Repeat this process for 3 days. On in morning, off at dusk. Then switch to “on” position and leave it up. If the battery pack doesn’t recharge, it may be time to replace the battery pack.
Battery packs are available by calling Uncommon USA, Inc. Check your existing battery pack to see if it has a black or white plug so you can order accurately.

Can I purchase sections separately for my Telescoping Flagpole?

Yes! If an unfortunate happens (ie, someone backs their vehicle into your flagpole, lawn mower hits the pole), each aluminum section can be purchased separately. Call to the factory at 1-866-935-6308 to order individual sections and/or parts.

My Flagpole is getting old and worn. Can I rebuild the Flagpole myself?

You can certainly rebuild the Flagpole yourself by ordering the complete rebuild kit. Call to the factory at 1-866-935-6308 to order a rebuild kit. You can also inquire about our Rebuild Program we have at the factory in MN.

Are straight-line winds or tornado damage covered underneath warranty?

No. Unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature. If your Flagpole bends or breaks, that is not a Manufacturer defect. (Refer to your warranty card--Storm damage is not included in the warranty). Also not included in the warranty would be any other damage by nature, such as freezing rain/ice. Remember, your flagpole is portable. If you know a storm is coming, lower the pole or even remove it from the installation sleeve until the storm passes.

I need parts. How do I know which Flagpole I purchased?

Our Telescoping Flagpoles come in a few different sizes. If you are unsure what you purchased, measure the bottom butt diameter (O.D) and count how many aluminum sections make up the flagpole. With that information, you can call to order parts at 1-866-935-6308.