Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial Flagpoles

Our stunning Memorial Pole commercial flag pole will grace your business, church, school or residential property with its 6 sections and 3 straight couplers (30 ft. flag pole). It has 2 tapered cones and a gorgeous, durable clear anodized brushed finish.

Pole Specifications
  25' Pole 30' Pole
Exposed Height 25' 30'
Overall Length 28' 33'
Butt Diameter 5" 5"
Middle Diameter 4" 4"
Top Diameter 3" 3"
Wall Thickness .156" .156"
Sleeve Diameter 8" 8"
Flash Collar 12" 12"
Flag Size 4'x6' 5'x8'
Weight 123 lbs. 140 lbs.

Featured: The Memorial Commercial Flagpole

This premium commercial flag pole is finely crafted for you at our factory in Willmar, Minnesota. These internal halyard flagpoles contain a winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft, operable only with a removable crank handle. As the stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch, it passes up through the inside of the flagpole shaft, over the truck sheave to the outside of the shaft, where the retainer ring provides a sliding anchor. A counterweight, heavily coated with neoprene, attached to the retainer ring, allows the halyard to be lowered for fastening or removing the flag. The halyard is then raised completely out of reach of vandals.

The improved winch is gearless and self-locking at any point, eliminating the need for a separate brake. This direct drive winch provides rapid raising and lowering of the flag with little effort. This new, improved design does not require any welding, thus avoiding discoloration when an anodized finish is desired. No monthly lubrication is needed.

Standard Accessories

  • Cast Aluminum revolving truck
  • Stainless steel cable assembly
  • Deluxe flag arrangement
  • Retainer ring and counterweight
  • M-Winch
  • Internal Halyard system with lock
  • Clear anodized brushed finish
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
  • Sectional pole with tapered look
  • Can be installed without a crane
  • 100 mph wind rating

FREE Gold Ball Ornament and U.S. Flag

With your purchase of this commercial flag pole, you will receive a free 5″ gold ball flag pole ornament. You will also receive a free U.S. flag! The 25′ flag pole comes with a 4_6 U.S. flag, the 30′ flag pole comes with a 5_8 U.S. flag, and the 35′ flag pole comes with a 6_10 U.S. flag.

The Memorial Commercial Flag Pole is our only line of flag poles that ships absolutely free via UPS to anywhere in the country. Because it comes in sections instead of one piece, we don't have to negotiate expensive freight shipping and we can pass the savings onto you!

To redeem this free shipping offer, simply enter code MEMORIAL at checkout to save $130 off your order!

Questions? Call us at 1-800-470-2210

We carry a complete line of commercial flagpoles for every budget. Just give us a call and we can help you choose one according to your unique requirements!

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