Discover the Uncommon “Original” Telescoping Flagpole Difference

Our sturdy and versatile flagpole is a testament to our commitment to quality and value. With Scandinavian honesty and a strong work ethic, we deliver exceptional products at fair prices. Assembled and inspected in our Willmar, Minnesota manufacturing plant, our flagpoles stand apart from copy-cat alternatives in the market.

Why carry Uncommon USA Telescoping Flagpole?

30+ Years in Business

Family run and Operated

Made in U.S.A.

Anodized Telescoping Flagpole Kits

Anodized Telescoping Flagpole kits come standard with:

3’ Gold ball

3x5/4x6 (depending on pole) US Made USA Nylon flag embroidered stars and stripes

Stainless steel pins for positive locking – Not a twist lock

Free flowing harnesses… Polycarbonate or Metal (Depending on pole)

Stainless steel clips

PVC installation tube

5/10 year warranty depending on pole