Solar Flagpole Light

Solar Flagpole Light
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Product Description

Our newest version! This new and improved version is brighter than ever before, will beautifully illuminate a flag measuring up to 4'x6'. Our Solar Flagpole Light has no wires, and conveniently mounts on the top of your flagpole to provide 100% free and energy efficient lighting for Old Glory at night. An excellent choice for areas where it is cost-prohibitive or not otherwise feasible to run electrical wiring for standard fixtures such as our Flagpole Light Kit. The Solar Flagpole Light is safe outdoors and operates with the included self-charging batteries. For use with any of our 15-25 ft. Telescoping Flagpoles.

Solar Flagpole Light Daytime Solar Flagpole Light Inside

How The Solar Flagpole Light Works

The Solar Flagpole Light must be installed outdoors with its solar panel receiving DIRECT sunlight. The built-in solar panel collects and converts sunlight into DC power everyday while the pre-installed rechargeable battery stores the energy to power the light at night. The built-in sensor automatically activates the light at dusk and deactivates it at dawn. The solar panel must face DIRECT sunlight to be charged properly. A shadowed location WILL NOT charge the product correctly. Sunlight direction varies from summer to winter. Sunlight at an angle to solar panel is not as effective as sunlight straight down onto solar panel.

Operating Considerations

  1. Be sure battery is securely contacted with the correct polarities.
  2. Do not place the unit near a lighted object as the automatic on/off sensor may not work properly.
  3. Automatic on/off sensor works properly only by outdoor DIRECT sunlight.
  4. Solar panel surface must be kept clean to collect sunlight effectively.
  5. Under extreme cold temperatures, or in a cloudy, or rainy, or snowy day, battery may not be fully charged. In such cases, Solar Light may not stay illuminated as long.
  6. This is a Solar Powered Light. The light illuminates when it is charged by the sun. Sunlight conditions will effect this light's illumination. It should not be compared with any spotlight or floodlight that is powered by other power sources.

How To Set Up The Solar Flagpole Light

Switch on the power to activate the auto on/off mode and the recharging system as well. Lower the telescoping flagpole to the lowest section. Unscrew the ornament top. Then follow steps 1 - 4 to SECURELY TIGHTEN the Solar Light onto the flagpole top. (Test: Spin the light and be sure it spins freely)

  1. Put the adaptor through the ball bearing hole atop of the light unit
  2. Tighten the nut stopper onto the adaptor all the way until it secures the light unit
  3. Securely tighten the ornament top and the nut onto the adaptor top
  4. Securely tighten the solar light onto the flagpole top
  5. Test. If it is in a lighted environment simply cover the solar panel so the built-in sensor will detect 'Dusk' and automatically activate the unit
  6. Attach the Solar Light to the flag clip atop using the connecting chain. (Note: It is important to attach the Solar Light to the flag clip atop, so the light will swivel together with the flag and illuminate the flag when it is dark.)
  7. Raise the flagpole and proudly display your flag!

Charging Your Solar Flagpole Light

When you receive your Solar Powered Light it will NOT be fully charged. The amount of DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light receives will dictate how bright the light will be, and how long the light stays on at night. The more DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light receives, the better it performs.

There are 2 ways to charge your Solar Powered Light:

  1. Turn the on/off switch to the ON position, put the light on the flagpole. After several SUNNY days of DIRECT SUNLIGHT the light will perform.
  2. Put the Solar Powered Light outside where it can get DIRECT SUN- LIGHT. In the AM turn the on/off switch to the ON position, before the sun goes down, turn the on/off switch to the OFF position. Repeat this for 3 days, then put the light on the flagpole and turn the on/off switch to the ON position and leave it there.

When & How To Replace Battery

The pre-installed battery pack normally lasts about 36 months. You will need to replace the battery when the unit stops working. Use a Nickel Metal-Hydride rechargeable AA battery pack (3.6V 2200 mAh x3 or higher mAh) to replace the old battery pack.

Product Limited Warranty

Uncommon USA, Inc. offers a limited 90 day warranty against manufacture defect(s) from the date of purchase when this product is employed as stated in this instruction manual. Seller's sole obligation and buyer's exclusive remedy under this limited warranty shall be the repair or replacement of parts which are defective in material or workmanship. Any parts as determined by the seller which have been misused; abused or damaged either directly or indirectly from repairs or alterations attempted by unauthorized persons; improper maintenance, neglect or accident are not covered by this limited warranty. This limited warranty does not apply to damage, heat-induced coloration changes, scratching or alteration due to normal use or weathering. This limited warranty does not apply to accessory or consumable items, including batteries, related to this product. This limited warranty does not apply to customer's satisfaction in terms of illumination effect compared with any low voltage spotlight or floodlight due to its sunlight charge nature.

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